Land Owners


Do you own property that is adjacent to a busy Interstate, Highway, or City Street?
If so, how would you like to make effortless, guaranteed income?

By allowing Burkett Outdoor Advertising, LP to expand our rapidly growing billboard company onto your property will create the following benefits for you as a landowner:

  • Monthly or Annual Payments, Risk-Free
  • An Immediate increase in your property’s value
  • Additional security from billboard lighting
  • Be a part in helping local businesses become more profitable

It’s not too good to be true. We just want to rent a 4 foot piece of your property and place it completely out of the way of all driveways, parking, and business signage. If you are curious, please let us know and we are more than willing to get you in touch with any of our current landowners for a reference and questions.

It’s that simple! We are flexible and do what fits your needs best. If you want monthly payments, we will structure the land lease in that manner. If you choose to want a lump sum up front by selling us a billboard easement, we can do that too. What’s the harm in seeing if your property qualifies?

Please contact us and see if your property qualifies with the Department of Transportation for an outdoor advertising permit.