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South side I-40 west of Bell Street- Facing West DIGITAL

Sign Number: 

Size: 14'x48'
Direction: Facing West for Eastbound Traffic
Illumination: Yes
Traffic: 97,400 cars per day
Price: $2,200.00 per month

Description: Highest Demanded Digital location in the City!!! Check Availability now.

This new High Profile bulletin is located on the south side of I-40 just west of the Bell Street exit. It is one of the best west side billboards in Amarillo. Viewing begins clear back at the Coulter Road overpass and it remains un-obstructed to all traffic going east on I-40. It is an Exit Now for Bell Street and Next Exit for Western Street. Retailers in the immediate area include Bob Mills Furniture, Albertsons, Tripps Harley Davidson and Donut Stop. It is an excellent directional sign for any business from Bell Street east. It also reads to all commuter traffic driving from the upper middle class areas of the Colonies, Sleepyhollow etc and heading downtown. For more information and availability contact us at 806-358-9226 or email