Billboard Listings

West side of I-27 n/o McCormick Road- Facing South

Sign Number: 

Size: 14'x48'
Direction: Facing South for Northbound Traffic entering Amarillo
Illumination: Yes
Traffic: 39,000 car per day
Price: $1250.00 per month


The unit on the left has nearly a one mile un-obstructed view as you drive north on I-27. Once you begin to climb the overpass at McCormick Road, it is the only thing in view on your left. It is a great eye-level unit. It is a NEXT EXIT for Sundown and Hollywood Road. The sign sits over 65' tall and well above any competitive signs in the area. It would make and excellent directional or brand awareness sign for any business in Amarillo. Call for availability 806-358-9226 or email